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What We're Working On: Featuring Erika's '68 Camaro

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Hello fellow FCG enthusiasts! Welcome to the first blog post for Financially Challenged Garage. We're new at this too, so bare with us as we dive into the projects we're currently working on.

First up, is Erika and her '68 Camaro RS. Check out that smile the day she loaded it onto the trailer.

From Erika:

This is a full restoration project I decided to take on with my Dad, Ric. I bought the car in February 2019 with plans to do a "reverse" resto-mod. "Reverse" meaning style elements, without sacrificing original components and power. I'm a Big Block Girl and I plan to keep it that way! The 396 is here to stay!

The first generation Camaros have always been my favorite and the '68 takes the top of the list. I was fascinated with the Camaros when going to local car shows growing up as a kid. It was something about the body lines that always caught my eye. Fast forward 20 years and here I am owning one! It has definitely been a dream and not one that I thought would be possible anytime soon. Thanks to family and friends, we've managed to start dismantling the car for blasting and primer.

I'm definitely a lucky girl to have help from the "OGs"... Original Generation Guys. Huge shout out to my Dad, Chuck, Todd, Mike, and Marc during this process. They have been the guiding light every step of the way. My concept or vision can only go so far. Lucky for me, these guys make it happen.

Besides the basics of paint and interior, I have plans to make modifications for an easier ride. Power steering, disc brakes and fuel injection are all in the works. The addition of A/C is a must since we live in Southern Louisiana. As for design concepts, I'm set on bringing back the original hide-away headlights and have given thought to mini tubbing the rear end for a stealthier look.

Overall, I'm super excited to create the car of my dreams. The great part about building it myself (with some help of course), is ensuring that I get the car I want at the finish line.

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