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About Us


What started as an inside joke between friends, quickly turned into a quirky group of car enthusiasts taking on restorations. As car enthusiasts go, the Financially Challenged Garage Team is no different than the average joe. We work hard and play even harder. Our nights and weekends consist of restoring our classic muscle cars, attending local car shows, and cracking a few jokes at others' expense in between. 

Since our careers as mainstream comedians didn't take off, we're forced to keep our day jobs if we want to keep our projects progressing. Empty pockets won't pay the bills, so our ongoing ventures eagerly await payday.... and the massive delivery box that is sure to follow. 


However, if there was ever a group of misfits that could pull together to make their dreams a reality, this is the bunch. We figured we couldn't be the only ones with this fiscally responsible mindset, so we set out to form Financially Challenged Garage; a group of average joes with not so average ideas. 

To meet the team and learn more about each member's likes and contributions, take a look below.

Meet The Team




As someone who got behind the wheel of her first car, a junior dragster, at the age of eight, Erika has been living in the fast lane ever since.You can catch her either drawing up concepts or working on her most prized possession, a '68 Camaro she bought on her 28th birthday. Erika has a passion for creating renderings of the classics and uses those closest to her as inspiration. 



Muscle Grease Extraordinaire

As the man responsible for bringing this lovely group of misfits together, Ric brings more than just backbone and muscle to the projects. The first to crack a joke or jump in to lend a helping hand, Ric enjoys helping his friends and family restore their dream cars. He hopes to one day own something himself, but for now, he continues to admire and assist those closest to him. 



Body Work 


With 25+ years as a body repairman and mechanic for local police enforcement, Marc can hang with the best of them. Though retired from his day to day, you can catch Marc McGyvering up something fun and cool you've never seen before. If you need it, chances are he has it, and if he doesn't, he knows someone who does. Marc enjoys spending his days working on his '63 Corvette. 

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